ipv6 at home: Comcast ipv6 trials

I’m admittedly late to the party with this, as it’s a January 27th announcement. Comcast is gearing up for public ipv6 trials starting in April, and they’re looking for guinea pigs trial users.

[Update 2010-02-26] I just received an email from Comcast. They’ll start ramping up 6RD trials nationwide. Dual-stack trials will be regionally limited. Trial users that do not have IPv6-ready equipment will receive equipment that is ready, including what Comcast calls a “gateway” (home router). They may start contacting volunteers in a month, and expect to start some of these trials within 3 months.

There’ll be four total phases to the trial:

Q2 2010

IPv6 tunneled over IPv4 using 6RD. If you’re using one of the tunnel methods I describe in this blog today, you’re familiar with this.

Native dual stack. You’ll have both an ipv4 address and ipv6 addressing natively. Your router will need to support ipv6.

Q3 2010

IPv4 tunneled over IPv6, dubbed “Dual Stack Lite”. You’ll have a private IPv4 address, and use a tunnel over IPv6 to share one public IPv4 address with several other subscribers. Interesting approach.

Business class dual stack

In other “late to the party” news, Google turned up ipv6 on youtube sometime in January. Full production, caused a big spike in v6 traffic, and it seems to be working just fine.

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