IPv6 at home or office, part 4.1: 6in4 tunnel on Juniper ScreenOS firewall

This blog post is part of a series on ipv6. Part 4.0 describes requesting a Hurricane Electric tunnel; this part explains how to configure a Juniper ScreenOS firewall – SSG, ISG or Netscreen – to work with such a tunnel. Sample environment I am going to give an example based on ScreenOS 6.0.0 or later […]

NIST releases ipv6 security draft

NIST, the “National Institute of Standards and Technology” in the US, has released a draft paper titled “Guidelines for the Secure Deployment of IPv6”. It is a far-ranging paper that looks at IPv6 features one by one and discusses their security ramifications. It also carries some good discussion about IPv6 address allocation and IPv6 transitional […]

ipv6 at home: Comcast ipv6 trials

I’m admittedly late to the party with this, as it’s a January 27th announcement. Comcast is gearing up for public ipv6 trials starting in April, and they’re looking for guinea pigs trial users. [Update 2010-02-26] I just received an email from Comcast. They’ll start ramping up 6RD trials nationwide. Dual-stack trials will be regionally limited. […]

ipv6 at home, part 2.5: Google, DHCPv6, speed tests, troubleshooting, various

This blog post is part of a series on ipv6. In part 1, I provided an overview of ipv6 and looked at Teredo, the technology built into Windows Vista; in part 2, I looked at AYIYA tunnels through aiccu, using sixxs net as a tunnel broker. I also got stuck for a very long time […]

Geeky fun

It’s free! Woo! MicroSoft has woken up to the benefits of a strong “hobbyist” community, and they’re giving away Visual Studio .NET in an “Express” Edition. It will do pretty much everything us home-brew guys want. There’s a bunch of editions – web, Visual Basic, C++, C#, J#, SQL Server. I grabbed the C++ and […]