Fortigate performance – gotchas in hardware acceleration

Fortinet’s Fortigate firewalls have amazing performance for the dollar, all thanks to their strength in ASIC design: They use custom hardware chips to accelerate everything from straight packet-slinging to encryption to content inspection. When that hardware acceleration switches off, you may find yourself with terrible performance and CPU spikes. This article aims to document some […]

IPv6 with Prefix Delegation on Fortigate

[Edit 2018-10-18] Make sure to use FortiOS 6.0.3 or later for this, as earlier versions of 6.0.x will force your interface to IPv6 “static” when you make any change to the interface from the GUI, including changes to its IPv4 configuration, such as a DHCP reservation. I have not tested 5.6.x but am assuming it […]